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Massages and Treatments

Being on vacation is synonymous with fun and self-care as well. VIK Suite hotel Risco del Gato offers a wide range of massages and treatments.

MaryAle's Massages

MaryAle's Massages aims to provide wellness to our guests through relaxation, healing and energy stability. Our therapists will take care of you and help you find the best massage treatment according to your needs.


Relaxing Massage
Soft, relaxing and comforting
30 min - 40 min - 55 min

Sports Massage
Soothing, intense and energetic
30 min - 40 min - 55 min

Feet Massage
Stimulating and anti-stress
30 min

Facial Massage
Relaxing and stimulating
20 min

Massage for children
Soft and relaxing
30 min

Circulatory Massage for Tired Legs
Improvement of leg circulation (massage + cold bandages)
40 min

Anti-Headache Massage
Massage for the neck, cranium and face to relieve chronic headache
40 min.

Therapeutic Massage for Lower Back Pains
Soothing and relaxing massage in the lower back area to relieve pain
40 min.

Therapeutic Stomach Massage
Activate or deactivate bowel movement to relieve constipation or diarrhea
40 min.

Foot Reflexology Massage
Application of pressure to the feet, the reflex points of organs in order to balance the vital energy of the body and improve its performance
40 min.

Aze-style Shiatsu Massage
Oil-free Japanese massage on a massage table. Pressure is applied to parts of the whole body to improve psychosomatic ailments
55 min.

Relaxing Hot Stone Massage
Ayurvedic massage for total relaxation of the muscles and nervous system due to thermotherapy (50ºC)
55 min.

Thai Massage on a Massage Table or on a Tatami
A deep-tissue massage with acupressure and body stretching, with comfortable clothing and without oil
55 min.

TuiNa - Chinese Traditional Massage
Establishing the circulation of the guest's vital energy through pressures, acupuncture points and stretching
55 min.

Four-Hand Massage
It is a relaxing massage, done by two perfectly synchronized masseurs
55 min.

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